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Clairfort’s lawyers help their clients to shape, procure, protect and market their products, services and innovations. All of this is done in close consultation with the client concerned and in a very practical manner.

Not only do they have an eye for the legal aspects but they also examine the strategic and practical implications. They not only indicate what is permitted and what not but also share ideas as to how something may be done. It is not for nothing that they have played the role of trusted adviser to their clients for many years. Clairfort has a great deal of experience in international business and has a global network of specialist lawyers. It is for this reason that our lawyers are happy to share ideas with any Dutch business which decides to cross the border or a foreign company which seeks to enter the Dutch market.

Intellectual property

Clairfort operates at the summit of the legal profession specialising in intellectual property and it acts on behalf of both Dutch and international clients. Below you will find a number of examples of cases in which Clairfort has assisted its clients:
the protection of products, services and innovations. Clairfort advises its clients on what is possible to protect and helps them arrange such protection. In this respect one might consider an application for a trademark, design or patent, for example. It does this together with specialist authorised representatives, like a patent attorney or trademark agent.

  • making arrangements with partners and freelancers. This could be essential for the purposes of launching goods into the market
  • taking action against counterfeits. Clairfort also acts on behalf of clients who are called to account for an infringement (or alleged infringement).
  • vesting intellectual property rights in a company, so as to ensure that those rights are out of range as far as possible in the event of any liability but can nevertheless be exercised and enforced;
  • the commercial exploitation (internationally or otherwise) of products and services. In this respect consider negotiating and drafting licensing, distribution, franchising and agency agreements, and general terms and conditions.

Privacy law

European regulations have put privacy law on the map in one fell swoop. This has occurred not in the least because the fines can be huge: as much as 5% of a company’s global turnover. Clairfort assists its clients with their practical compliance with the privacy regulations and, together with the relevant company owner, examines which specific rules they need to consider in their industry. Amongst other things, Clairfort can supply privacy statements for websites and apps which specifically focus on your organisation. Clairfort can also provide you with advice on data processing, for example. What data concerning customers or visitors may you collect and how does it need to be protected? The provision of relevant data processing agreements also constitutes part of our expertise. Read more on our page about Privacy law.

Advertising law

Apart from this, Clairfort focuses on advertising law. For instance, it provides advice:

  • as to the situation pertaining to comparative advertising or the use of someone else’s trademark or products in an advertisement
  • whether certain advertising is permitted
  • concerning arrangements made with a designer or advertising agency;
  • in relation to social media and online marketing
  • about codes and specific rules which may apply in relation to specific product categories or services.

IT law

Clairfort’s specialists are well aware of what is at stake in the case of not only offline but also online assets. Clairfort provides assistance for the purposes of negotiating and drafting contracts governing the development of software, apps and websites. It is possible to prevent disputes from occurring at a later stage as far as possible by making proper arrangements with regard to such development in advance. Clairfort’s litigation lawyers have experience in litigation involving computerisation projects (or failed ones). It is also engaged for the purposes of domain name disputes or for making arrangements concerning the use of a domain name. As a result of case law handed down by the European Court of Justice specific rules apply in the case of AdWords. Clairfort is also in its element in this respect.

IP, IT & Privacy

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